Confessions of a Tolkien Fanatic

After having read the Trilogy at the impressionable age of 15 (in the year 1967!) my life took a definite direction. I have to confess that Tolkien's influence had a great deal to do with my choosing Medieval Art & History as my major in college. Today, at age 55, I still love & admire Tolkien's masterpiece.

Being a dyed-in-the-wool Tolkienphiliac, I was naturally quite fearful when I heard that there was someone yet again attempting to put Tolkien's world on film. My friends & I decreed, way back in the 60's, that it couldn't be done! But of course, film has come a long way since then . That is why I want to thank Peter Jackson for bringing Middle Earth to visual life with so much integrity & artistry.

I have created this webpage to showcase some of the artwork that I have created which has been inspired by Tolkien's words.

Below you can see a few pages from an illuminated book I've made of Tom Bombadil's verse:

. .. .

These manuscript pages are hand scribed & hand illuminated.


Below you will find Elvish wedding invitations that I have designed:

. .

Hand Lettered Elven Invitation...............................Elven Invitation

. .

Art Nouveau Elvish Wedding Invitation.............Tunuviel Elvish Wedding Invitation

. .

Galadriel Elvish Wedding Invitation ........................Hobbit Wedding Invitation

And wedding invitations from the Shire & Gondor:


The Shire Wedding Invitation ......................White Tree of Gondor invitation

The piece below was inspired not only by Tolkien's poetry, but also by Peter Jackson's beautiful scene in the movie "The Two Towers" in which King Theoden, played by Bernard Hill , so movingly recites the "Lament for the Rohirrim"



This is a wedding vow scroll I designed & hand painted for a couple having an LOTR wedding.


White Tree wedding scroll


Below is a variation of the border using an Italian Renaissance style called "Whitevine"

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If you are interested in seeing more of my work, or in commissioning a piece of illuminated calligraphy or wedding invitations, please go to: lluminated Manuscripts & Heraldry and Calligraphy for Weddings & Special Events or contact me at: or



Talk to me about Tolkien!

I welcome email from anyone who wants to chat about the books or the movies.

Some of my favorite scenes in the FOTR movie are: Gandalf entering the scriptorim in Gondor to research the fate of the Ring after Isildur's posession; and Gandalf reading the diary of Balin in Balin's Tomb. If anyone has access to stills of these scenes, I would greatly appreciate it if you would contact me at . I'd love to post them on this site!

Please feel free to contact me if you have any comments about the LOTR books & movies (because I never get tired of discussing them!), or about the art of calligraphy & illumination.

I am currently working on illuminations of other Tolkien poems...come visit again to see more!

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